Zilliqa Review: Blockchain Platform aims at solving Scalability
What’s Zilliqa Zilliqa introduces itself as the ultimate solution for all the scalability issues pertaining within the blockchain platform. This is believed to be one of the world’s highest throughput providing platforms with thousands of transactions being scaled per second. It is designed to perform in the open and distributed network and is looking to… (1 comment)

9 Tips for Writing Project Winning Proposals on Upwork
Project Winning Tips For Freelancers How many times you have been put down while applying for a project on Upwork? You surely will not have the count. Because most of us depend on the 5-6% replies that we get through proposals sent for the Upwork projects. We tend to ignore the fact that we simply… (0 comment)

8 Freelancers Mistake That You Should Avoid
Upwork and Fiverr Freelancers Mistake.  Freelancing isn’t a cake walk which it might seem to those who have not been introduced to the challenges it brings with itself. But, it is not that tricky as well. When I started as a freelancer, I had no idea where it would take me. Working for a fixed… (0 comment)

Starting your Career as a Freelance Writer – What to Know
There is something appealing about this job profile. Just after imagining, one can smell the freedom of time and ownership. However, ask those who have struggles to get to where they are now. Freelance writers are nothing akin to professional writers who work for companies and get a fixed salary. Not only freelance writers are… (0 comment)

5 Tools to Create Shareable Social Media Graphics
Being a digital marketer, could you ignore the possibilities of graphic content advertising in comparison with posts without images? If you are still using the old methods to find an edge among your competitors, because graphic designing companies are expensive to collaborate with, here are few tools that are not only free but are simple… (0 comment)

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