About Me

HI I am Sushil Pandey owner of this beautiful website i am freelance website developer since 2011. I run this blog because i love blogging. By education i am an “engineer” By mind still child.

I started this blog in Month of July 2017 before i launched several blogs bargainsguru.com(2014), raftingcamping.in(2013) and leadgeneration.co.in(2012) but did’t get pretty much success then in July 2014 i launched a blogspot blog i-reads.blogspot.com and redirect it to i-reads.com its was growing impressively then i stop blogging and went for full time job. But In May 2017  i resign from HCL and start blogging full time again but this time i started Hindi blog and found Hindi blog is running better then english one.

So, on dailyvirtualassistants.com i post interesting information about SEO, WordPress, Blogging and Bitcoins apart from that just for fun i post Hindi paheliyan and for English Riddle anyone can visit i-reads.com.

I hope you guys enjoy my Hindi blog. Is you have any question and anything else just get in touch with me admin@dailyvirtualassistants.com i’ll respond you with in 3 working days(Indian Time).