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Free Giveaway Submission Websites That Actual Work!

A giveaway is a free promotional item or service given away by companies to enhance engagement with their business. The business gives presents with the aim to try to convince more people to purchase their products. Giveaways are often win-win situations for both parties involved. Nothing draws more attention than “win free stuff". 

Reasons to do a giveaway

Grows your email list

Your email list will grow especially if the giveaway specifies in order to win you should be subscribed. People love free things and will, in turn, sign up for a chance at the prize. This way the business is able to send out newsletters after the fact which will increase their traffic or sales.

It encourages engagement and awareness

Giveaways boost your appearance and people view you as a giver which leads to trust in you or your business. Once they are subscribed to your business, your engagement will increase in comments or reviews. 

Helps you learn your target audience

This will be learned through the number of people who visit your website and you will be able to narrow down your content or products so as to meet the needs of the audience thus growing your business.

Cheap advertising for less 

People will share free items to their social network and this will provide a solid backlink to you. This will help you reach more people and increase traffic and boost sales.

Reasons your giveaway does not get entry

1. Your giveaway may not suit your audience

Take for example your business deals with fashion then you run a giveaway of electronic gadgets. Your audience may not identify with it and therefore lead to few entries.

2. Your giveaway is confusing

Your entry guidelines and rules may not be easy to follow or you may be asking for more information than your targeted audience might not be willing to provide. Your giveaways might be too difficult to follow or might be demanding your audience to follow many steps thus making it a tedious process. be Keeping your entries short and simple to ensure you reach more people. 

3. Marketing is poor

Your marketing and advertising of the product may be off and might not reach as many people as you envisioned. It is important to promote your giveaway and encourage people to share it so as to have a successful giveaway. This can be done through many channels from running advertisements, promoting on social media to sharing on websites.

4. Poor timing

Throughout the year there are many seasons and holidays. You might be giving away items that are not in alignment with the current trend thus will not entice your target audience to participate. An example is you might do a giveaway of a Christmas sweater in February, no one will be interested in the product at that time. Timing is everything.

5. Neglecting to follow up

Giveaways will mostly give you a whole lot of subscribers and if you do not keep them interested then you are bound to fail. Keeping your audience entertained is key to ensuring they enter and share your content to their social accounts for your next giveaways success.

Five websites that actually promote your giveaways

Promoting your giveaway of a website ensures the maximum traffic and assists in reaching your target audience for the giveaway.

Reddit giveaways

Reddit reaches millions of people every day that come from different walks of life. The beauty of it is it is free to create an account. Promoting your giveaways on Reddit will not only ensure entries to your giveaway but also boost traffic to you. Reddit has a raffle that helps you pick a winner randomly also. 

Contest girl

This is one of the world’s largest directory for giveaways. It is trustworthy, private and has a great overall reputation. There are a variety of giveaways you can do especially on contest girl to ensure you reach your vision.

This is a helpful community where you can hold giveaways. This site is well organized and easily accessible, making it an ideal website to hold your giveaway.

This website is one of the most trusted and does what it is for without any problems. It is a child safe site. It encourages shares from your giveaway which helps promote more entries to your giveaway.

Social Media Post on page/group (Twitter/Facebook)

Most of the most successful giveaways happen on social media platforms. When running a giveaway it is highly recommended to promote it on twitter, facebook, Instagram among many others to help gain popularity. There are tons of Facebook groups and communities that hold giveaways and using them could help you reach your desired audience.

In conclusion, holding giveaways without proper marking is like winking at someone in the dark. You know what you are doing but no one else does.