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Starting your Career as a Freelance Writer – What to Know

There is something appealing about a career as a freelance writer. Just after imagining, one can smell the freedom of time and ownership. However, ask those who have struggles to get to where they are now. Freelance writers are nothing akin to professional writers who work for companies and get a fixed salary. Not only freelance writers are responsible for building their own client base, they must be vigilant about the market trend and their price tag.

Although writing requires creativity and passion, pursuing it as a freelancer makes it competitive as well. Every profession requires experience, but what if there is no one to hire you. How would you gain experience in the first place? Where can you find jobs and how would you brand yourself to propose your terms to the clients? How can you build your career as a freelance writer?  When all these questions start bugging you, you know that you are following the right direction.

Here are the answers to the questions that will help make your journey as a freelance writer convenient and smooth.

  1. Write for Yourself: A lot of times we believe in our skills, but it is always better to judge them first. In addition, you can gain some experience as well. Starting a free blog is a wonderful way to make your entry in the niche and at the same time declaring your availability to the clients. Include your introduction and a contact us page in the blog. This will help clients understand your writing goals and they can contact you directly.

  2. Build your Portfolio: Blogs do help in building your portfolio, but if you are still looking for the clients, why not reach out to them directly. You can use freelancing websites such as Upwork (Upwork is a great platform if you are looking to build your career as a freelance writer) and Freelancer to get article writing jobs. Your blog will help you to create a good profile and give others an impression that you are not a novice.

  3. Promote your blog through Social Medias: Facebook is not only about posting selfies. You can do a lot when it comes to promoting your services or products. With digital marketing, social media has come forward as the strongest tool for promotion, given the simplicity and the reach. You can create a page about your blog or can use your profile to post updates about your blogs.

  4. Pick your first Project with Caution: You know how important it is to find the first client. But, what should you look for when sealing the deal for the first time? It is equally important to find a lift in your career and if the first client is providing weightage to your profile, grab it even if the pay is less as per your expectation. But, this should not be the case every time.

The Verdict

Freelance writers do enjoy the perk of staying at home, but never have the leverage of playing with the routine. Set your routine and make the most of it. Do not be fooled by clients and keep your transactions straight. You will definitely succeed as a freelance writer if you stay alert and find your true worth.