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How to Manage Time While Working as a Full Time Freelancer?

Full Time Freelancing seems intriguing to many people, as it has its own perks. Being one’s own boss, working as per one’s convenience, determining one’s own success are few to start with. There are various other advantages that a 9 to 5 job is never able to provide. However, not many freelancers are able to make the most of it. Many use their freedom of making decisions to ruin their career as a freelancer.

Hence, I would like to underline a few tips for managing your time and adjust in the freelance work setting when working on your own.

Time is everything. Stick to a schedule as Full Time Freelancer

As I stated earlier, being accountable to oneself, we start utilizing that flexibility and get into the habit of postponing things. This is the biggest mistake that freelancers make. Time is money and if you wish to earn more, you need to have a strict schedule. Only, because you are not answerable to anyone else, does not give you the liberty to misuse that benefit.

My little advice that could fix a lot of dentures in your schedule is, whatever time you choose to allot for your work, make sure it matches with your target client’s work time. For example, if you are working for an offshore client with 12 hours difference, you can decide to stay up at night and work while resting in the morning.

It is equally important to answer instantly to your client’s queries at the earliest or you must know, they have options, and no one likes to stick with someone who is late for replying back.

If frequent communication is not required and the work is entirely project based, it is still important to set a fixed time to help you stay disciplined.

Count on the feasibility study

Now, here is the deal if you wish a project to take minimum completion time. Never rush into a project until you know its goals and other parameters vital to finish it. If you have been tackling clients, you must have come across those who are pre-prepared with required documents, plans and templates and then, there are others, who do not know exactly how they want their project to be taken a step ahead.

So, discuss and do not shy while asking questions. Clarify things and do not rush into the project, until you are lucid with all the requirements. This will save you from a lot of rework for Full Time Freelancer.

You can utilize that saved time in other projects, hence making more money.

Timelines are prerequisite to every project

Set realistic timelines that you can achieve. Based on the project complexity, you need to agree to deadlines that you would be able to meet. No guessing around, based on the previous project. Every project is different and so are the clients.

Manage your holidays

Do you know, being a freelancer, it becomes difficult to manage your holidays too? Being the only responsible person with no one else to take over your task while you are away, makes it difficult to choose the time off. But, this is important.

Plan your leaves and holidays and try your best to enjoy them. Working without breaks can hamper your creativity and skills, so take it seriously.

Freelancing is a difficult venture. But nothing bigger comes in small packages. So, do not let the flexibility of this career make you irresponsible. On the contrary, if you are strong willed and are determined to go on despite early failures, make the most of it.