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How To Get Freelance Work With No Experience

Are you newbies in freelancing work? Here are tips for you to win projects without experience.

A freelancer could be described as someone who is self-employed and works to provide services to different companies as opposed to working on a regular salary for one employer. Freelancing is considered one of the most flexible careers out there as one works with their own time schedule. It has been on the market for quite some time now but it has since gained popularity in the past few years.

There are many jobs freelancers can do which include but are not limited to the following :

  • Blog writer

  • Book editor

  • App developer

  • Business analyst

  • Business and academic writer

  • 2D and 3D artist

  • Transcriptionist

  • Translator

  • SEO expert

  • IT consultant

  • Software developer

  • Product designer

  • Project manager

  • Textile designer

  • Virtual assistant

  • Web designer

  • Visual Merchandiser

  • Php developer


Advantages of being a freelancer

You are in control of your work and clients

As a freelancer, you decide the amount of work you get and your working hours. You also have the ability to select the clients you work for.

Ability to work from anywhere

No matter your location, whether you decide to go to Italy today and Serbia the next day, you are still productive and can deliver work as it can be sent through the internet to your clients.

You are your own boss

Freelancers are independent as they are a brand by themselves. You get to enjoy all the profits by yourself, you get to pick your work and your work schedule.

Global experience

Since there is no geographical limitation, freelancers get to work with people from different regions, therefore, giving them global experience which leaves them ranked high in the market.

You avoid expenses of commute

Freelancers mostly work from home and that saves a lot of money that could be used to get to a physical office place on a regular basis. The time saved too can be used for more productivity.

Disadvantages of being a freelancer

Unsteady workflow

Since freelancers are their own boss, there is no promised work from clients, therefore, a freelancer may easily go a few weeks without any work which leads to less cash flow.

Less security

Unlike other jobs, freelancers do not get the security of retirement, gratuity, and protection. A client has no legal responsibilities for you. If a freelancer gets ill, their work is not secured after the fact.

More business expenses

Freelancers are in charge of getting the work done only and their clients do not provide any supplies. Purchase of office supplies falls on the freelancer. The clients rarely pay for them.

Steps to take to be a successful freelancer without experience

Know what skills you can provide

You need to first find out what you like doing, what you can actually do and what you are most passionate about. Working as a freelancer should be a balance of the three as you are your own motivator and you can easily slack off if you do not like something.

Research on ways to improve your skills

Go online and research on ways you can improve your skill to be the top in the market. Look for inspiration from other freelancers and find out the steps they took. Study and do not stop at one skill. There are many free websites where you could learn and improve your skill set for very low fees.

Register yourself on freelance websites

Freelancers are at an advantage because there is high demand for their services at this time. Many new websites that are free or charge very little are emerging. These sites offer freelancers a chance to showcase themselves and earn. These sites include; Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr among others. You should register yourself for as many websites as you can to improve your chances of getting a job.

Build the perfect website

Create a website for yourself where you list all your skills for clients to find you. You should create a website that is straightforward and easy to use. Luckily freelancers can create these websites for free on WordPress or Wix among other websites.

Determine the cost of your services

As a new freelancer, you will be required to set your pricing lower than your major competitors in order to gain experience. Do a comprehensive research of what other freelancers are charging as to avoid overcharging or undercharging clients.

Build your portfolio

A new freelancer must build their portfolio in order to ensure they have a successful career. A freelancer should look at himself from the perspective of the client. They should look for work experiences that match the work they are applying to get. They should then decide the format they want and customize it to the job they are seeking.

Brand yourself

After you have done all the above, it is important to advertise yourself. Engage in communities and chat groups to build a name for yourself. Advertise yourself on your social media platform, encouraging your social network to share with others. Your brand should represent who you are and what you can provide.

Be professional

You are most likely at this point going to be receiving offers. Always remain polite to your clients and address them appropriately. Your work must be as per the standards of your clients. Aim to maintain business language while still balancing it with a good approachable attitude. Always have a professional appearance.

Always deliver more than expected

Deliver on time, deliver bonus work to your clients, communicate your work progress with your clients to build trust. Learn to take feedback and work to improve yourself with a positive attitude.

Build relationships with your client

Build rapport with your clients, get to know their wants and work to maintain trust and professionalism in order to increase your chances of a repeat work opportunity. Maintaining confidentiality is the most important factor in any job. Acknowledge your client as an individual and always maintain a positive attitude.Communicate effectively with your client.

In conclusion, a new freelancer may find it difficult at first but with determination and hard work they will enjoy a fruitful career if they learn how to invest in the right things.