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9 Tips for Writing Project Winning Proposals on Freelancing Websites That Actually Works

Project Winning Tips For Beginners

How many times you have been put down while applying for a project on
freelancing websites? You surely will not have the count. Because most of us depend on the 5-6% replies that we get through proposals sent for the freelancing websites projects. In this article we will cover the topic “Project Winning Proposals” on freelancing platforms like freelancer, fiverr and Upwork.

We tend to ignore the fact that we simply need to increase the reply rates from the clients instead of applying for every other project. If you think that it's luck that plays its role when a freelancer is hired and your number is in the queue, you have got it all wrong.

Nothing comes by chance when you are working as a freelancer. There are so many things that you must notice ranging from experience to the gestures of your conversation. And, most importantly, the proposals that you send.

You get those few seconds to interest the client in reading the entire proposal. Have you ever bothered about checking the number of applications for the project that you applied to? Clients do have numerous options.

If you feel a pain in searching for the right project to apply, clients feel that too. Going through every application is a tedious job. There is not enough time for anyone to make room for such extra work.

So, what do you think they must do to narrow down their search for the perfect freelancer? If you can find the answer for that question, you would be able to prepare the best proposal that most of the clients will happily accept.

Your journey as a successful freelancer starts from writing the proposals. You can do magic by selecting the right words at the right time to persuade the clients to select you over other experienced freelancers.

But, first of all, you need to know how to create outstanding proposals that can not only grab attention but keep your clients involved till the end and leave them wondering for more information.

So, here are a few things that will make your proposals stronger and magnetic.

Project Winning Proposals For Beginners

1. Connect with your Client

How would you do that? Not knowing the person makes it difficult to make him feel related to yourself. So, how is that even possible?

If you are thinking too much about it, let me make this clear and simple. Do you receive promotional emails? Yes, we all do. But, do you bother to click on all those emails that get parked in your inbox? The answer is a straight “NO”.

We usually click on the messages that have our names in it. Either we click it by mistake or mistake it with a personal email.

You can use the same trick here. Try to get the name of the client and start your cover letter with his name instead of just writing Hi. If the client has not signed with his name at the end of the project description, you can find his name from the feedback that he has received. You can also login into freelancing websites with your smartphone, you will get the name of the clients.

Remember, connecting is the first step to find entry into his list of probable candidates.

2. Acknowledge the Subject in Talk

Many times, clients put some keywords at the end of the description to be included in the proposal. They do this to make sure you have read the description completely. They use this tactic to narrow their search for the suitable freelancer.

Sometimes, there are hidden questions in the descriptions that can only be understood if read properly. So, the most important thing before applying with a proposal is to read the project description from top to bottom.

Even when the client does not use such codes, it is beneficial to assure him that you have gone through the requirement.

3. Refrain from using Templates

Now, here is a catch. Either you can completely ignore templates, or you can create one of yours that is tested with time. But, while using your templates, you must make modifications as per the requirement.

Usually, templates never succeed. But, that happens when you follow the one that has not given you results and keep pasting it with every project without reading the requirements completely.

If required and you feel that your template does not go with a few projects, feel free to write a completely new one.

4. Show that you are Concerned

This is one of the most helpful tips for freelancers struggling to find their first project on freelancing websites. However, it works great for experienced freelancers as well.

Showing the client that the project is equally important to you increases his trust in you and gives him an impression that you are not a novice.

For example, you can help your client with a few suggestions and improvements. Definitely, it’s not about doing some charity but what is the problem if you win the project by investing a few extra minutes of your time.

I have myself used this tip on most of my clients and have converted 80% of the jobs in my favour. If that number does not entice you, it is weird.

5. Share the Similar Examples

If you are working on freelancing websites, you may understand the importance of sample work. Clients like to see what you have done earlier. If you are a beginner, you can offer your client a paid sample or you can generate a few samples yourself for attaching them with your proposal.

Although samples are a terrific way to convince your client of your skills, make sure to include them after the first few lines in your cover letter.

Making it sound like you know what he wants, and you are ready to stand for the test gives your client a positive headway to choose you among others.

6. Be Precise

Never let your emotions take you away from the concerned topic. No one is up for your nonsense. Clients are looking for straight answers. If you keep saying things that only matter to you, you will lose the project.

Even with huge experience, you will end up losing the project and a probable lead. The chances are rare that the client will read through a detailed writeup. So, if the matter that is of use is written at the end of the cover letter, the client will most probably not even reach till that paragraph.

So, let your cover letter be precise and interesting (Of course, that does not mean adding jokes to your cover letter).

7. Make the most of the Additional Questions

Many clients ask additional questions and they stress more on these questions than the cover letter. Missing answering these questions is a big mistake and taking them lightly will also do no good to your proposal.

Take time and answer these questions with commitment. You can take out a few lines from your cover letter and can use it in these questions. For example, the sample work and relevant experience.

Sometimes, client directly get to the answers before referring to the cover letter. So, make most of this opportunity.

8. Do not let your Client decide the Rate

Clients always leave room for adjustments. If the fixed project is $100, it means he is ready to pay some more after negotiation. If you would start accepting all the rates offered by your client, you will start rating yourself low. Because clients are looking for cheap proposals.

But, at the same time, they would pay if you are the right candidate and would stick to the payment terms that you suggest.

9. Use every bit of your Time

You should know what is going to be the next step. Every selected proposal is interviewed separately. Clients choose among those proposals by finding the ones that are most relevant. But, what if you initiate the call for action.

Let your client know that you are interested in knowing more about the project. At the end of the proposal, you can add things like a small chat or a quick skype call to discuss the project further which would raise your probability for selection to the next level.

The Conclusion

Working as a freelancer is a tough task, but it can be made easy when the approach is apt. The number of online users is growing at a fast pace and those making the most of this opportunity is still limited. Not all who join as a freelancer become successful.

Some keep trying until they give up and others leave even early. Only a few among the registered freelancers are making a fortune out of this platform.

So, you still have the chance and you can do it if you take the work seriously. Never ignore the fact that clients are humans. They like to know that it matters to you. So, grab that opportunity and let them know that there is no one better than you who can accomplish what they are looking for.

Make sure you mention why they should choose you over others. Because that is what they are trying to figure out.

So, We have almost cover everything related to project winning proposals for beginners