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5 Tools (App) to Create Shareable Social Media Graphics

Being a digital marketer, could you ignore the possibilities of graphic content advertising in comparison with posts without images? If you are still using the old methods to find an edge among your competitors, because graphic designing companies are expensive to collaborate with, here are a few tools that are not only free but are simple to use. These can bring a notable change in the way you have been putting your products or services across your customers.

You do not need a knack to build these graphics. Only a few effortless steps can get you the desired outcome. Because of the ease of use, these tools have been popular among digital markets as well as individuals who are naïve about the digital marketing industry.

Here is your pick. You can try and find what suits you better. Each one of the tools listed below are engrossed with lots of features that will let you explore your creativity while giving you the platform to perform. Here is 5 Tools to Create Shareable Social Media Graphics

Piktochart: If you intend to share huge amounts of information through one infographic, you should get this tool right away. Rated as one of the most useful tools, Piktochart comes loaded with many benefits. You can even build engaging printable as well as presentations. The kind of freedom this tool offers in creating your infographic from scratch is not available with most of the tools out there.

Recite: You would be enthralled to know that the horde of options this tool offers, you will never get bored creating the unique visual contents every time. It does not allow you to upload one’s own template, but as said, the plethora of choices will never let you think of getting one of your own. It is free to use and helps in creating visuals that are quote based. If you love to play around with hashtags, this option will make you go insane.

Pablo by Buffer: With basic features, Pablo gets you going right away. All you need to do is drag and drop. Choose the template and the size which are specifically designed for Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram and create the most alluring visual content for your social media marketing. Have you been using the existing GIFs by making changes to it? Aren’t you tired of doing this boring job that is not enough to get you the desired promotion? If yes, check out the and start creating your own GIFs. Let your imagination flow and your visuals speak for your brand.

Canva: Let’s talk about the one in all tool for all your presentation and advertising work. Canva is one such tool that will not only fit into your infographic requirements but will serve as the best tool for generating office presentations, social media ads, invites for events and much more. You have got a myriad of options when it comes to the layout design for creating visuals for social media.

It is intimidating to find your brand lagging behind your competitor. But, why fall in that category when you have the alternative to make your brand unique and popular by using these simple tools. Choose and start creating your own social media visuals that are shared more than 40% as compared to the blank posts.