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3 Quora Tips that Guarantee Massive Traffic to Your Website

Let’s face it. One of the biggest challenges every blogger is facing today is driving high-quality traffic to their website. It is so frustrating when you spend sleepless nights working on content that no one gets to read.

It’s like giving a talk to an empty conference hall, where no matter how well you speak or how good you deliver your presentation, no one is there to even notice you. You have tried to guest post, promote, and blog comment the heck out of your website but nothing seems to work. Disappointing, isn’t it?

But did you know that there was another way to get new visitors not only to your recent posts but also to the future ones? What if this way is even easier, quicker, and more effective to drive you more traffic than guest blogging? That’s not all! Wouldn’t you be happy rubbing elbows with some of those prominent guys on the web?

Well, the answer to all these questions lies on Quora…

This platform will not just get you traffic but high quality traffic! And even though it was launched much later after other major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo Answers, make no mistake. Quora is a big deal these days.

Quora gives you a genuine source of long-term traffic, helps you establish yourself as a brand and an authority, and gets you discovered by major publications.

Below are 3 quick steps you can follow to tap into this Quora goodness and start driving high quality traffic to your website.

1. Create the right profile

Set up your tagline, write a short bio, and state your areas of interest. Make your tagline as concise and straight to the point as possible. Make sure it gives the right information as wrong taglines may confuse your readers and may not drive any traffic to your site.

When completing this, you need to mention the topic you want your audience to know you for and the categories or type of questions you can answer. Mention your professional experience. Provide links to your social media profiles including your blogs. Quote any publication you have written for. Share some interesting facts about you that differentiate you from others. This gives you credibility and gets you more views and upvotes on your answers.

2. Answer the Right Questions

This is the part that differentiates between getting 100 and 10,000 views or upvotes on your answers. Before answering any questions, you need to look for those answers that attract the most views within your category of interest. A popular topic with 500k followers, for instance, would attract more visitors and bring in more views than one that has only 100 followers.

Answer each question in detail and you stand a good chance of getting over 1000 views and upvotes on your first attempt.

Conduct comprehensive research on the questions before drafting your answers. Use bullets where possible to make the answers easier to read. Include images, statistics, quotes, case studies, past stories, etc. to support your answers and show your audience you really know what you are talking about.

Just don’t answer a question for the sake of it. In short, when you write high quality, informative, and interesting answers, you help others and at the same time drive traffic to your website.

Once you have posted your answer, every person following that question will be notified. This is like having a large mailing list at your disposal. How awesome is that?

3. Promote Your Website (the right way)

When it comes to promoting a website on Quora, many people do it all wrong. Quite often, you will find lines like:

“Get the answer to your question on my blog…”

“Click this link to find your answer…” etc.

Now, this is a blatant shameless promotion. These kinds of answers are the most hated form of promotion and will get you no traffic from Quora. The Quora moderation team may even mark such responses as spam.

To get decent amount of traffic through Quora, do not advertise your website shamelessly. Instead, use sincere effort, write an awesome answer and then share the link to your site at the end of your answer.

Writing good answers verifies your credentials, convinces Quorans that you can be trusted, and drives massive traffic to your website. You can use lines like:

“I share similar advice at…”

“Similar views are demonstrated on my blog…”etc.

By doing this, you can rest assured that at least half of the people viewing your answer will visit your blog.

Taking it Away!

The thirst for more website traffic is real but only a few people know how to quench this thirst from Quora. The truth is Quora is a large pool of opportunities and a gold mine.

The good news? You can perfectly take advantage of the platform by using the skills laid down in this article.

Set up an awesome profile. Write well-researched answers. Give a link to your website at the end. There is no reason why a user wouldn’t be tempted to visit your site if you have followed these simple steps. But DO NOT promote yourself. People on Quora hate self-promotions and will down vote your answer in a blink!