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10 Best Website to Hire Virtual Assistant

There was a time when the only way to earn money was going to a traditional job, but as the internet has taken a major part in our lives; more and more people are searching for the convenient ways on how to earn money offline to improve their financial inflows. And this has coined the term “hire virtual assistant”.  The duty of the virtual assistant is to remotely manage the different aspects of the clients business so that they can remain stress-free.  Here, we enlist 10 platforms where the client can easily Hire Virtual Assistant.

  1. Upwork – It is one of the best platforms to hire virtual assistant, but as an employer you may need to do more legwork, which means you may need to screen their resume, check their credentials, make conversation with them through Upwork( because they don’t prefer any other mode), write a clear job posting, and ask them to show their sample work. This will help you to shortlist the candidates. The only flaw of this platform is the fee charged is a bit high.  It may range from 20% to 10% to 5%, depending upon the amount billed.

  2. Freelancer – Though I don’t recommend it personally, this is another platform where you can get dozens of virtual assistants at a cost-effective rate. Managed by Matt Barrie, this platform provides an ample opportunity to the candidates and to the employer. The fees charged are $5 or 10% of the amount, whichever is greater.

  3. PaynHire– This is another excellent platform where you can meet the pool of talent. The company offers both online and offline jobs to the candidates.

  4. Assistant Match – Now that you know that hiring a full- time employee is not a solution for a part-time job, you can straightaway head towards Assistant Match and hire a remote virtual assistant who can work depending upon the task assigned. The platform pre-screens the native US based virtual assistants, who can handle your work for as many hours as you require.  They have categorized the candidates based on their skill-set from entry level to basic administrative service to advanced administrative service to expert administrative service.

  5. FlexJobs – Finding a VA entails some degree of qualification. FlexJobs is the best site to remotely search for VA and make them work.  The USP of this platform, here you can find the targeted candidates, unlimited candidate searches, you can find the local and international candidates, expert recommendation on who could be an ideal candidate for your job.

  6. People Per Hour – This is another freelancer community where you can find good candidates who are equipped with the necessary skills. Starting from project management to graphic design to tech support to customer service to social media management to event management you can find a lot of candidates with necessary skills.

  7. VaVa Virtual Assistant -Situated in the USA, this platform offers various virtual assistant services to manage  your social media accounts, website, administration concerns, and a lot more. The USP of this platform is they listen and identify the client requirements, get acquainted with the candidates that are ideal for the job, and help you to assign the job. All you need to do is to fill out the application form.

  8. DVA – Based in India, DVA helps the employers to outsource their work to ideal VA candidates. You can assign them different works including tutoring of your child, video design translation services, formatting the resume, graphic designing jobs, company presentation, animation, etc.

  9. Indeed – If you are looking out for a VA that can help you to design e-mails, pamphlets, brochures, then Indeed is an ideal platform designed for you.  The best part of this platform is they have categorized the job type depending upon the employer requirements and according to the experience level.

  10. – Want to get in touch with top-quality hand- picked virtual assistants who can help you in doing several tasks including graphic designing, digital marketing, content writing and translation, animation, programming, well it is an ideal platform to make your business more productive.

However, you are advised to be careful about what kind of platform you select for. There are numerous platforms where you can find genuine candidates searching for employment, but some of them could end up in scams too.