Zilliqa Review: Blockchain Platform aims at solving Scalability

What’s Zilliqa

Zilliqa introduces itself as the ultimate solution for all the scalability issues pertaining within the blockchain platform. This is believed to be one of the world’s highest throughput providing platforms with thousands of transactions being scaled per second.

It is designed to perform in the open and distributed network and is looking to address the widely spread problem related with blockchain platform while making way to reach the desired throughput for serving VISA authenticated networks.

What is Scalability and how Zilliqa plans to solve it?

When talking about the decentralized space, we are often haunted by the problem of speed which is much slower as compared to the centralized network. And, talking about the blockchain transaction per second, it is even much disappointing.

Ethereum, the most popular blockchain platform also suffers the same issue. This is the reason why the real-world application of these blockchain platforms still seems a far-off aim. You would be shocked to know that your very own Ethereum only supports 15 TPS (Transactions per Second).

This figure may not bother you until you realize that the online financial transactions happening through the VISA network offers 2500 TPS to 5000 TPS. If you do not want to go back to the time when single web page used to take hours to load through the dial up connection, it would be better to upgrade Ethereum before bringing it to the real-world application.

Or, to design a brand new blockchain platform which can solve the problem of scalability to its core which Zilliqa has already accomplished. Leaving the competitors way behind in the technology front, Zilliqa has brought sharding as the answer for all the scalability related issues.

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Zilliqa approach for solving Scalability

While other networks were busy in scaling the solutions, Zilliqa implemented on-chain scaling to scale the problem itself. In clearer words, Zilliqa plans to scale the blockchain platform instead of targeting the payment gateways and channels. Through this technology, known as Sharding, the transactions will be processed parallelly to increase the throughput exceptionally.

Zilliqa tends to break its network into components much smaller in size to increase the speed linearly with size of the network. Let’s think of a protocol with 10,000 packets. What Zilliqa would do is divide the protocol within the blockchain itself to create 100 shards with each shard carrying 100 packets.

These shards will process simultaneously increasing the overall throughput of the network.

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The Verdict

Considering all the ingredients together in making of the perfect ICO, Zilliqa stands at the forefront. Combining the best team and a great partnership with Mindshare has eliminated all the doubts about its success in 2018.

Every step taken by Zilliqa has proven to be a huge milestone in making its community stronger and fierce. With long list of advantages and a great concept, it is likely to progress with an upward curve with all the testing related to data privacy, ad fraud and others.

Zilliqa has already attracted a lot of attention and its prospects to thrive is highly predictable.

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  1. Agreed.I am Long ZIL for the reasons stated above as well as the fact that the team or open, honest, transparent and do what they say they will do. As well, they have a working product.

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