Pen Stand for Office Table – Callas Metal Mesh Desk Organizer

Are you looking for a solution to your messed up office desk or looking for pen stand for office table? Do you find trouble searching for the marker or the ruler when in need? Thankfully, the Callas Metal Desk Organizer is there to help you manage your stationary items with ease. With separate compartments for rulers, pens, scissors and pencils, the desk organizer will help you find things right away. One shallow drawer is provided to store the small items such as paper clips and hold clips. You can also place items such as stapler and tapes on top of the desk organizer. One holder for all the necessary stationary items.

Its handy size (4.5L X 9.34W X 4H Inches) is a great match for desks of all sizes. It also looks trendy getting your work space a professional and new look. If you are specific about the colour, you can choose between the different colours available: Black, Orange, Hot Pink, Blue and White. Made of metal mesh, hence highly durable. It does not need much of a maintenance. You can enjoy the comfort of arranging your items for years. Once purchased, you will not have to bother about wear and tear.

If you are precise about the quality, this is the product you should be looking for. With four sections on the top, four at the sides and a shallow compartment at the bottom is enough for arranging all your important items. Either use it for your office table or to organize the stationaries at home. To clean the item, just use a cloth to get the dirt off. As easy as it sounds.

Why to hassle around for finding small items when it can be placed at one place? Callas Metal Mesh Desk Organizer aims at helping every individual at work by taking care of the stationaries.

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