CSIR UGC NET (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research UGC NET) strategy National qualification Test for Lectureship and Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) twice in a year i.e. in June and December. CSIR UGC NET is multiple choice detached type test and is conducted for 5 subjects viz. Atmospheric, Earth, Ocean, Planetary Sciences, Mathematics Science, Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences. The applicant can arrive either for Lectureship program or for JRF only. CSIR UGC NET results will be announced in the month of June and a free list of conclusion will be published for JRF and Lectureship business.

NET jointly attends by UGC and CSIR is a very important examination for those like to go for the higher procedure in all kinds of Sciences. Achieving JRF in this exam is a tough task provided the accepted of the query papers. Getting through CSIR – NET JRF shall offer you a PhD seat in most assumed Laboratories in the country working under the purview of CSIR, DBT, ICMR etc. You will also accept to receive the good stipend from MHRD along with SRF and RA positions. Candidates have to prepare in a highly methodical manner to crack this examination. Following are some useful tips and insights into this crave test.

1. Strength in basics is highly appropriate. The 10th and 12th standard should be good. The student should be very excellent in the fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics and Biology. It is not for only CSIR it is for their whole life, as after clearance the exams they will go for analysis and if they lack in fundamental knowledge they will good for nothing. So clear and proper fundamental understanding with a craving of more knowledge should be the main driving force for the applicant.

2. Time factor: It depends from student to student and also on their level of earlier knowledge. But on average, 6-month hard work is compulsory at least. During establishment dimension of the subjects based on the students own stability should take care off.

3. One cannot be master in all the subjects, so it’s better to focus on the stability of the student. If someone is good at accountable A, he/ she should put stress more on that. Absolutely the other portions cannot be overlooked but he/ she should not miss even a single question in their area. The struggle is too tough, so missing a single query in your own area may leave you far behind.

4. You will have apprehension with the view to where to start and end education for different subjects? There are no such specifications, but one should be very strong in basics till 12th standard. If they feel that there are loopholes in their basics then they should take care of that first. Once they are comfortable with the basics then slowly they can build up their degree subjects. Out of three, good hold in any 2 of this is sufficient to crack the exam.

5. Coming to the standard and nature of questions in this exam, the major target is on the basic considerate. There are sections where advanced topics are protected but answering those require proper understanding and little bit research maturity helps in those sections. For a student who just passed his Masters is a bit difficult to handle this section as it changes with the advent of the technologies and time. So it’s better to concentrate on the basic level more.

6. What kind of proceeding is appropriate before arriving for the exam? There is no specific method but prepare with proper timing like other aggressive exams will help the applicant to manage the timings during the examination. Clear perception, constraint over the subject, time management is the key factors.

7. What type of books and material to follow? Students can take up any accepted applicable books, except very cheap series which does not transfer the appropriate compassionate. In the meantime they should go too much deep in a particular paper as time administration and accomplish the overall syllabus it is a challenging task for a student. So there should be a balance during education: how much to read, what to read. A good book does not mean they have gone through the whole book. Most important is extracting the best-described chapters from different books as per the demand and finishing them all in time with proper understanding. To maintain this they can even take help from the coaching institutes if they feel that there is a need.

8. Depending on the self-assessment of the student’s capability, one can decide on whether he may or may not go for coaching. If the basics of the student are strong and he can do well in the present position and manage time for preparing all the allocation then there is no need for coaching. But if the feeling that he is having a complication with any of these then he can go for a coaching institute provided he has the details of the very institute. The eventual goal is to crack the exam whatever way it is possible, the student has to look for it. There should not be any reticence with the preparation and exam because final judgment depends on your preparation and you have to justify it whatever way it is possible.

9. Many of CSIR successful students are from rural areas. Some are too good who don’t need any extraneous support to get through the exam. On the adverse, the average student who may crack the test with the help of their hard work suffers a lot or basically fails to get through due to the language barrier. To overcome the language barrier one must read Standard English daily newspapers and get conversant with the language. Moreover, they have to write in English during the test. If they are the week in the language and if they somehow cross the 1st paper, then they face problems in writing the 2nd paper as it is of expressive type. Language ability somewhere plays a deciding role. It’s nothing to do much with the subject knowledge which students gain from their local language written books but absolutely with their proper written expression and understanding of the terminologies.

10. CSIR exam is highly competitive and prestigious one and is the imagination of most of the students. I advise all the science PG students to go for CSIR exam with serious commitment, allegiance and hard work to accomplish the goal. Once the student clears the exam it is his/her choice to select the university/ R&D Lab and guide. Many of the R and D labs are constantly short of an expert in this country. At this stage, one can take up CSIR exam, complete it successfully PhD program then go for Post Doc, publish good papers come back to India where convenience is absolute with good remuneration. Good Luck to CSIR applicant.

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