What is My Map City?

My Map City is a free advertising portal providing all over world business, Hospital, doctor, school, colleges, beauty salon, coaching, Real state, shopping center, hotels, restaurant, and another type of business details.

My map city tells the about out nearby business. this business services, latest offers a full business profile. this business profile is showing business review, comment, share(facebook, google+, twitter, LinkedIn.whatsapp,), save etc…

How can you include an account on my map city?
First, registered a free account on My Map City and signup two option are available direct Facebook account and signup email. After, login to account after  Find the ADD LISTING button and click there. Open a new window and fill Business full details.  Click your preview button open a new window see your business in full details. This process is you successfully submit .your business profile after one day showing your list on my map city.
My map city provides to the user dashboard. User dashboard is available to edit list features, edit review, manage your profile and many for features available.


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