Kucoin – Winning the Investors Around to Top the 2018 Chart

I am a huge fan of virtual coin and the prospect it holds for future. We all have seen the trend and know how these cryptocurrencies made remarkable leap from grabbing attention of few people to the entire world in few years from the inception. After bitcoin got successful, many variations came along. However, the only reason most people are still holding back is trust.

Although there are companies which are making efforts in giving their investors great profit, there are companies that are not shying away from utilizing this opportunity to feed their personal intentions. There are hundreds of scams released every year and shut down early without any notice. Amid all these confusion, while trying to differentiate the genuine coin from the fake ones, investors have lost a lot of money.

However, Kucoin, regardless of the problems the niche started facing which also resulted in downsizing their craze, made a late entry and rocked it with all the excellent features it is offering to its investors. The shares are rising and is expected to rise 10 times till the next year. Kucoin started as an exchange has recently launched its coin which has became a buzz in matter of days among the investors.

These are few benefits that are available with Kucoin which other new entries are unable to process:

Trade Fee

Let’s start with the fee as this parameter alone plays the significant role in narrowing the search results. You would be enticed to know that they offer the lowest fee on all the asset trades. Where most of the companies are not able to go as low as 0.15% or 0.18%, Kucoin charges 0.1% on asset trades. There are few trades which has no withdrawal fee at all, for example, NEO.

In addition to this, Kucoin tokens owners are given the opportunity to earn through dividend sharing.

Coins Traded

Usually exchanges do not support many virtual coin trading through its platform, mostly consisting of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other few. But, what if you want to trade in various other coins available and are doing great as per the trends? Here is your chance to find a system that is genuine and can provide more than 150 assets trading.


Customer support has always a concern when it comes to trading with cryptocurrency. Companies dealing with cryptocurrency are lagging much behind in terms of providing support to its investors through the online system. However, this is not the case with Kucoin. The online support is available 24×7 and the company tries to sort problems at the earliest. Also, its presence on Telegram is managed efficiently.


You may be thinking of investing in virtual coin from a long time, but the cases reported around the world would have pulled you back. But, with all the benefits given with Kucoin and the security it provides, you can think again about making some profit through this company. The company shares are rising and soon it will be the one among the expensive choices.

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