BJA Pocket Size Spiral Cute Sticky Notes India

Our company has always tried to get its customers the best solution. And, this time, we have come up with the Pocket Size Spiral Cute Sticky Notes India. The product is especially designed to help you carry it around with you for all your meetings and conferences. Its handy and very useful. You can easily jot down the special instructions or important dates while on the go. It will fit in your pocket and you will not even know it. You can easily use it whenever you need it by just taking it out of your pocket.

The pocket size spiral sticky note pad comes with different sizes of sticky notes. In total there are four sizes: Small sticky notes Size: 5 cm Length, 1.5 cm Width and Full size sticky note Size: 7.5 cm Length, 5 cm Width. All that you would ever need. The paper quality is also amazing. It will stick to your desk until you take it off. Hence, you can always be on top of your dates and appointments. The great design and packed with all sizes of sticky notes make it a must purchase.

We as a company understand the need of our customers and try to design the products that can be helpful in many ways. This product not only get you the perfect combination of all sizes of sticky notes at one place, but also help you carry it around in your pocket, with not much hassle. The sticky notes come in different colours to help design the priority of your dates and meeting as per the colour of the sticky notes.

The sticky notes are of high quality and the glue will last forever. You can use it even after months and years of purchase. Try it once and you would keep ordering forever.

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