Crowdfire Review: Best Twitter Management & Marketing Tool

Crowdfire is one of the biggest marketing tools for twitter. It is accessible on Android devices, the web and IOS applications. It works to get the targeted reach of followers and guarantees rapid growth of organic followers. It has a strong track record of helping individuals reach their desired target and grow their brand. More than half their users sign up to Crowdfire through their mobile. Crowdfire is dedicated to bringing out the best out of your content. It has customer support features that are highly responsive. It follows the clean-engage-grow philosophy.

 Features of Crowdfire

  • Ability to view your twitter analytics
  • View your most active and inactive followers
  • Know who follows you and who unfollowed you
  • View your competition and follow them
  • Creates ready to share posts
  • Finds engaging and interesting posts for you to share with your audience.
  • Monitors for account and finds new way to grow it
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Revives your old posts
  • Finds the best hashtags for you
  • Gives detailed stats


Payment plans

Crowdfire currents have three paid plans and 1 free plan.

Why Crowdfire is the best twitter marketing and management tool

  • Crowdfire is constantly looking for new ways to drive content to your twitter account.
  • It has a reminder feature which ensures you remember to share content and at the best time in order to retain your audience and keep them entertained.
  • Crowdfire is constantly improving and adding new features. Bugs are fixed in a timely manner, therefore, making it the most reliable marketing tool for Twitter.
  • Crowdfire has international recognition and people from different locations and who speak different languages can use it.
  • Twitter users can share their posts multiple times with just a single tap.
  • You can target your audience easy
  • Pluto account has apprx. $10 charges monthly where you can add 2 twitter account simultaneously.
  • unfollow to those who do not follow you.
  • you can follow 500 people in a day and unfollow too.


In conclusion, Crowdfire is both time saving and the most effective marketing tool for Twitter. It not only allows you to grow your audience but also to retain them by providing tailor-made posts. It is made for all Twitter users and the benefits are outstanding.

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