Clubbable Review: A pass for your most exquisite nightlife

If you love nightlife and clubbing, there is no way you can miss out on this great adventure. Clubbable is an app launched in London to help individuals choose the best destination for partying with their friends.

With an awesome easy navigation and lots of option to choose from, this app is a life saviour. I cannot forget the stress of googling through different night clubs and ending up at some place which never should have been on the list.

The last moment rush to find entry in our favourite clubs is always a challenge, but not with this app in your phone. With a click of button, without much of a hassle, you get to know what your choices are. On top of that, you do not have to contact them for arranging the table for you, the promotors will connect with you thorough this app directly.

Whichever option is the best, you can start a personal chat with that promoter and finalize your bookings. It is as simple as it sounds. No switching among several websites and offers, just a click and you are good to go.

You can add the friend list and make reservations for them on your behalf as well. This is not it. There are many features that you would love to explore. With the database of few of the most popular clubs in London, this app gets you loaded with various other advantages, such as free drinks, exclusive offers and much more.

I personally love two clubs available on this app. If you want your clubbing to be an unforgettable memory, you must visit these places at least once.

The Box 

Located in the most popular location, you would love to indulge yourself into the stunning interior and aroma that it offers to its guest list. Nothing will compare to the performances with astonishing acts and the hottest environment that it offers.

Who knows you can meet your favourite stars while sipping your favourite wine? Yes, this club is known to be visited by rich and popular celebrities.

So, plan out your next visit to this nightclub and let your senses feel the exclusiveness that this club presents to you.


Being a new entry to the clubbing trend, not many people will tell you about this club. But, trust me, this club if visited with your friends, can leave you with the most vibrant experience that you ever had.

If you love themes, this place would leave you amazed. Close to the Piccadilly Circus, this place is surrounded by beauties dressed in animal’s avatars. The middle of the room is full of elephant sculptures. All these would make you feel as if you are on a Jungle Safari.

To add to this awesomeness, the selection of music and drinks will leave you asking for more.

The Takeaway

There are many other listings on this app for exclusive clubs and you can select as per your taste and mood. Clubabble not only makes your work easier, but gets you the best.

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