Proof of Work (POW) is “Mining” using hardwares like Processors, GPUs, ASICs or even HDD/RAM. Proof of Stake (POS) selection can be randomized depending on the “stake” which is directly or indirectly based on the holder’s total number of coins in possession. Proof of stake (PoS) is a type of algorithm by which a cryptocurrency… (0 comment) :  Learn and Grow with this Blockchain Community is a forum where people connect to discuss the blockchain technology and various digital coins. The platform provides an insight about the trending news happening around the cryptocurrencies through its different threads. These days people are depending on the online forums for learning about the upcoming opportunities with virtual coins. being said that, it… (1 comment)

Why Should you invest in NEM?
What’s NEM NEM which is abbreviated as New Economy Movement has much to convey with its name itself. NEM has used what was working and took away what wasn’t and came up with a technology that would be hard to rival for every other cryptocurrency currently being traded. The coin aims to sort out issues… (0 comment)

NEO is the Chinese Ethereum or Even Better?
What’s NEO? NEO, the first decentralized blockchain platform launched in China, has gain a lot of popularity in short span. There are more than 1500 digital coins, then what is so different about NEO that it is also known as Ethereum Killer by many. Before proceeding with its uniqueness, let’s know what NEO actually is… (0 comment)

Wanchain Is the next Face for Financial Platform Globally
What’s Wanchain Before we proceed with the facts related to Wanchain and its prospects in coming years, lets know what Wanchain is. Unlike many other blockchain platforms that introduce one or two features to make them look attractive, Wanchain has immersed characteristics from various popular cryptos including Ethereum, Ripple and Monero. It is a solution… (0 comment)

Zilliqa Review: Blockchain Platform aims at solving Scalability
What’s Zilliqa Zilliqa introduces itself as the ultimate solution for all the scalability issues pertaining within the blockchain platform. This is believed to be one of the world’s highest throughput providing platforms with thousands of transactions being scaled per second. It is designed to perform in the open and distributed network and is looking to… (1 comment)