: Learn and Grow with this Blockchain Community is a forum where people connect to discuss the blockchain technology and various digital coins. The platform provides an insight about the trending news happening around the cryptocurrencies through its different threads.

These days people are depending on the online forums for learning about the upcoming opportunities with virtual coins. being said that, it is quite lucid why so many online forums are coming into the picture every now and then.

I have tried many of these forums. Recently I signed up with and my experience since then have been amazing with this platform. As a digital coin trader, I depend a lot on these forums for making the right decision. And, like every other trader who joins these communities for the extra edge, I also have some expectations.

Thankfully, this platform has it all. There are few things I like most about

Fast Response: There are forums with a huge number of active members, but when it comes to responding to an open thread, one has to wait forever. I never experienced the delay of response with this forum which is crucial for the success of every member of the platform. In addition, I believe that the maximum turnaround time is pretty fast.

Simple Design: I am a trader but not much tech savvy. I expect a platform to be simple and easy to access. Rather than complex and annoying. What role could a feature plays when it is not able to cater to most of its members because of its complexity of usage? The flow and connectivity matters for every online forum.

The top of the website features all the important links. You have the option to check the most recent threads, threads as per the tags, threads based on the popularity.

Defined Groups: The forum has defined a group. If you are a developer, you can join the group accordingly. This feature is very useful in keeping touch with the concerned topic. At times, we feel lost in a forum. However, with this forum, everything is organized.

No Useless Information: I was excited to work through the pages of this forum. Usually, on other forums, there are unnecessary links, calendars and unrelated news are presented at the corners and sometimes in the middle of the pages as well which is very distracting. But, this forum is clean and focused on providing members with the useful information.

Unbiased Feedbacks: This was something that impressed me the most. I have found members endorsing their affiliate programs and providing biased opinions on certain topics on other forums. But, never did I feel the same way while using this forum.

The Conclusion

It is very crucial to find the right set of people if you want to excel at trading with cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of uncertainties with this niche and knowing about other’s understanding matter a lot. However, it is equally disturbing to know that most of the forums operating these days have an altogether different agenda than serving members with unbiased information.


I was glad to find as this one is a true platform that I believe is aimed at helping those with interest in digital coins.

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