What are the best chatting groups for discussing Cryptocurrencies

Best Cryptocurrency Chat Group

Chat rooms provide common platform for individuals with similar needs to come together and discuss the trends as a mass. However, not all these chat rooms are equally beneficial. Few do not have a decent number of members and others are short in the expert’s involvement in the group.

All these make the chase for finding the best chat room for discussing cryptocurrency, a tug of war. Instead of being at the wrong side of the rope, you need to find out which chat room/s will get you the answers you are looking for.

Here is a list of few chatting groups on the internet that are among the top cryptocurrency discussion forums:

Bittox (Bittox.com): While most of the forums have been infected by the referral links and huge traffic, this chat group is still trying to stay focused and provide the best coverage about the latest news and trends of cryptocurrency.

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You would know about the bitcoin investment strategies and reviews of the popular Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). If you are looking forward to start making your decisions based on the information shared on the chat rooms, you can consider this option at all time.

Hashtag Investing: Being simplest and convenient platform, it is highly popular for making beginners learn through its captivating research guide and chat rooms. It provides latest news on the upcoming and trending cryptocurrencies. Experts with more than 20 years of experience are the backbone of this chat room.

Not very old, this chat room has managed to conveniently overshadow the forums that were online from a long time. It has almost everything that a trader or investor will require to start investing in cryptocurrencies.

Jenkins Risk Management (jenkinsrm.com): This chat forum is powered by Ryver and provide around the clock access to the forums and guidance. Jenkins Risk Management focuses on global macro markets as well as cryptoassets.

They provide public rooms for those who are new to this chat community and there are private rooms as well to help investors and traders gain the deep insight about the trending cryptocurrencies and their future prospects.

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Coinfund (coinfund.io): This forum announces itself to be the open community for discussing about the blockchain network. With more than 4000 members on slack, it is the highest trending community among the cryptocurrency investors. Without a doubt, you would be learning a lot from this team.

Cryptominded (community.cryptominded.com): If you are a crypto minded individual, you are most welcome to join this community and reap the benefits. It does not matter if you are a naïve investor or you have been investing since a decade. All are invited here.

The Verdict

There are many other chat rooms where you can discuss about the new and existing cryptocurrencies and can find out the best time to buy and sell. However, every decision you take should be based on an overall comparison and past experiences.

You can definitely utilize these chat rooms for accessing useful information on the trends of these digital coins, but you will have your last say. So, plan it wisely and invest accordingly.      

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