$10500 per tweet? John McAfee reveals how worthy is it.

John McAfee, known to be a famous computer scientist and been accused more often for disappointing his followers for making the wrong financial decisions, recently opened about the charges per tweet for the ICO advertising. While he shifted his work of interest to the most trending cryptocurrency niche, he seems more confident about the certainty of the projects he is responsible for.

Charging $10500 per tweet may seem a lot of money, but as per his calculations, considering his own followers, it would cost $0.13 per investor. He himself buzzed about the same in one of his tweets.

“Given Mr. McAfee’s price of $105,00 per tweet, the cost per investor reached is the least costly of any marketing avenue in the Crypto world. Considering only his own followers, the cost per investor reached is $0.13.”

As we all know, he is never away from the limelight, he mentions that apart from the number of followers he owns, his frequently reported tweets in media plays an important role in giving the edge that an ICO requires to flourish.

Being announced as one of the most effective channels for marketing in is new page on the website, he has provided numbers and stats to prove his theory of success.

“From the statistically valid percentages of the results, the following is clear:

737,000 of his followers buy or sell cryptocurrencies at least once a month. 154,000 buy or sell cryptocurrencies daily

380,000 have more than 25% of their total assets stored in cryptocurrencies. 259,000 have more than 50% of their total assets in cryptocurrencies.

518,000 have more than $3,000 already invested in cryptocurrencies. 224,000 have over $20,000 invested in cryptocurrencies. This last group alone represents, at a minimum, $4.48 billion in crypto investments.”

Announcement of his Services

John AcAfee published an article on Facebook not later than 21st February of this year which outlined the website’s details started by his team at McAfeeCrytpoTeam.com. This website features him as the CEO of the company and his wife Jane, as the managing director.

The services are not just limited to the tweets, but the startups who are working to get their ICOs to the flaming success, can ask for strategic analysis, network resource, cryptoconnection audit, white paper redesign, website optimization and audience reach.

John McAfee Promoting ICO Services

John McAfee may have succeeded in creating short ripples with his “Coin of the day”, but the headlines will how far let him reach is close to uncertain.

Not shying away from making the audacious remarks, he reaffirmed about his thoughts on Bitcoin a few weeks back. He still backs his opinion about bitcoin reaching the price of $1 million by 2020.

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